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‘I look constantly surprised’: Blonde student who had black eyebrows tattooed onto her face says she now hates leaving the house. Sarah, 24, from Bath, wanted bold

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Don’t jump through hoops for a great clown ‘do – just get a Bald Clown Wig! This Bald Clown Wig has a vinyl white bald cap with painted eyebrows and curly red hair.

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Put on our Straight Bangs Lady Gaga Wig and become a pop diva. Lady Gaga Wig features long straight blonde hair and bangs down to the eyebrows.

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What Color Nail Polish Looks Good With a Black & White Dress?

Darkening light brows is more than adding color to hair. Recreate your brow shape by applying powder to your eyebrows.

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100% human hair is individually hand placed on a realistic skin-like base, for the most realistic eyebrows ever made. Due to low stock of False Eyebrow #17, sales are

The most realistic false eyebrows, with real human hair. Looks like real eyebrow hair growing from your skin.